Case Study - System Integrator

CuraTec Gains an Edge with 42Gears UEM, fosters better patient care-01

CuraTec Gains an Edge with 42Gears UEM solution, fosters better patient care

Business Overview

CuraTec is a Netherlands-based system integrator and a specialist in innovative, customized communication solutions related to telephone, cloud technology, health-related alarm systems, location tracking, home automation, personal security, access control, and video. It also provides monitoring solutions for caretakers, such as nursing home staff.

Business Case

The wide adoption of smartphones has made the management of nursing homes easier for CuraTec’s clients. For instance, clients can more easily facilitate the secure exchange of patient data, distribute medicines, and enable remote patient monitoring, while still complying with industry regulations. These clients outsource the maintenance of their technological infrastructure to CuraTec, and as such, CuraTec needs to enable the seamless management of mobile devices to minimize the probability of errors in the caretaking process.


Some of the major challenges faced by CuraTec included:

1. The inability to prevent users from tampering with the device settings. 

2. The immense effort required to analyze device malfunctions and remotely troubleshoot devices.

3. The inability to track devices in the field.


Industry: System Integrator (Networks, Telephone, and Healthcare)

Location of Deployment: Netherlands, Europe

Licenses: 1000 + devices

Devices: Android

Solution: 42Gears UEM solution (On-Premise)

The Solution

CuraTec employs the following features from 42Gears UEM solution:

1. Kiosk Mode: Restricts users from accessing and altering device settings. 

2. Remote Control: Allows CuraTec employees to understand customer’s problems and solve device issues from the comfort of their service desk. 

3. Location Tracking: Helps CuraTec easily track and locate devices.


1. CuraTec is able to provide hosted services to its customers.

2. The rate of incidents of users tampering with device settings has decreased, which has, in turn, lowered the rate of device-malfunction incidents by 80%.

3. Costs related to on-site visits and support are now minimal. 


1. Overall efficiency increased by 80%.

2. Productivity increased by 80%.

3. Total costs related to on-site support reduced to zero.


“42Gears UEM solution helped us reduce support costs for our customers and increase our profit with a more reliable solution in the end. The user interface is simple and the features suit perfectly for us. Customer support has been great.”

Wiebe de Boer,
Technical Director,
CuraTec, Netherlands.