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Case Study - Care Health Insurance

Care Health Insurance Brings Transparency to Device Management

Business Overview

Formerly known as Religare Health Insurance, Care Health Insurance (CHI) is a leading India-based health insurance provider. The company caters to both individual customers as well as corporate entities that need to provide their employees with insurance. Also, they offer banking and financial services to individuals.


The company provided tablets to its sales team in order to enter customer details on their online platform. The tablets played an essential role in the company’s operations, but they also introduced some major challenges:

  1. CHI was spending too much time managing the device inventory. In some instances, employees reported devices as lost or misplaced and CHI did not have a way to reclaim them.
  2. If apps needed to be updated on all devices, IT teams spent a lot of time updating apps manually on each device, one by one.
  3. There was no way to ensure that the data in the devices was safe in case the devices were lost or misplaced.
  4. As there were no restrictions in place, employees could easily download non-business apps and browse non-work-related URLs.
  5. The company did not have a way to repair or troubleshoot faulty devices without shipping them back to the service center.
  6. Many users would reset the devices in order to change settings.

The Solution

Industry: Healthcare

Location: India 

Products: SureMDM Premium Suite (SureMDM, SureLock, and SureFox) 

Operating System: Android 

Devices: Lenovo

Challenges: Care Health Insurance distributed Lenovo tablets to its sales team but needed a way to manage these devices.

Solutions: 42Gears eased the device management process for Care Health Insurance. While SureMDM facilitated application management and ensured data security, SureLock and SureFox’s restriction policy ensured device safety.

Care Health Insurance solved its device management challenges with 42Gears software. The company deployed the SureMDM Premium suite on all its devices. Soon, the IT team was able to: 

    1. Manage the entire device inventory from a central console. SureMDM’s location tracking feature allowed them to track all the devices when they were in the field. 
    2. Manage, install and update business applications on the devices remotely with SureMDM’s application management feature.
    3. Ensure the security of the customer data contained within the devices and apps with SureMDM’s data safety features.
    4. Restrict employees from downloading non-business apps and browsing unrelated URLs.
    5. Perform remote troubleshooting through SureMDM’s remote access feature. This also eliminated the need to use multiple apps for providing remote support.
    6. Restrict access to the factory reset feature.


  1. Care Health Insurance has been able to streamline the device management process.
  2. The company no longer needs to invest in multiple apps to remotely troubleshoot devices.
  3. The company has been able to restrict device misuse.


“It saves our cost which we were otherwise spending on desktops and laptops. It provides us with a solution that works well on easy-to-carry tablets.”

Kishor Kumar,
IT Manager.