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Case Study - Hospitality


ACE Adventures & Hideaways Provides Unforgettable Experiences with the Help of 42Gears

Business Overview

ACE Adventures & Hideaways provides visitors with a range of recreation options in a scenic forest location in Northern Scotland.

For recreation, visitors can choose from a range of exciting outdoor activities, including white water rafting, kayaking, disc golf, and more.

The company offers amenity-rich camping experiences (known as “glamping”) in the woods, with options ranging from shepherd’s huts to bell tents

Background and Challenges

Although ACE Adventures & Hideaways emphasizes the rustic and peaceful nature of its location, the company needed modern technology to streamline the arrival and departure process for guests. A few challenges became apparent when the company implemented smart devices for this purpose:

  • Guests needed to use tablets to complete health and safety formalities, log their email addresses, and (upon departure) choose photos from their adventures to purchase. However, guests would likely explore other software on the tablets if given the chance, reducing the probability of providing needed information and purchasing photos.
  • Staff needed to use devices to coordinate guests’ adventures, but using devices for off-topic tasks could be unprofessional or unsafe in the context of adventure tourism.
  • Given the remote location, sending someone to repair devices in-person could be difficult. The company needed a way to troubleshoot devices remotely.

The Solution

SureMDM and SureLock by 42Gears

ACE Adventures & Hideaways chose 42Gears to help them because of 42Gears’ emphasis on good customer service, ease-of-use, and affordable pricing. The company especially appreciated 42Gears’ quick response time in the event that any issues occurred. 42Gears helped Ace Adventures & Hideaways implement SureLock and SureMDM.


Industry: Hospitality (Adventure Tourism)

Location: Scotland

Products: SureLock and SureMDM

Operating System: Android & Windows

Devices: Samsung tablets managed via a Dell laptop

Deployment Size: 1-25

Challenges: Managing and locking down devices to ensure visitors and staff only used them in intended ways, and repairing devices remotely.

  • With SureLock, the company could lock down visitor-oriented tablets to the waiver-signing, information-logging, and photo-browsing functionality that visitors needed.
  • The company also locked down staff tablets with SureLock, ensuring that staff members remained on-task when interacting with visitors.
  • When devices needed remote repairs, the company used SureMDM to remotely control and troubleshoot devices.


With 42Gears’ help, ACE Adventures & Hideaways now:

  • Has seen substantially faster visitor registration and increased revenue driven by more photo sales. In fact, the staff ended up saving two hours per day on administrative activities.
  • Reaffirms its commitment to safety by ensuring that staff remain on-task at all times while using devices. Efficiency and productivity have doubled since implementing SureLock.
  • Minimizes the risk of device malfunction and maximizes the chance for visitors to have the best experience possible.


“ACE Adventures & Hideaways have been using 42Gears Surelock for several years now and it has become an essential and imperative application we use on all publicly accessed devices for device and data security. Being able to use tablets with the general public increases productivity workflows and convenience for the guest at the same time as opening up services and sales through additional revenue streams and building quality data for aftersales marketing and reviews on social media platforms.”

Jim Davis,
Managing Director,
ACE Adventures & Hideaways