SureLock/SureFox/SureVideo looses Activation and goes in Trial Mode on Device Reboot

If in case SureLockSureFox and SureVideo looses its Activation Information and goes back to trial mode after any kind of reboot post activation, there is an easy way to fix it. Just follow below mentioned steps:

1. Access SureLock/SureFox/SureVideo Amin Settings by tapping on the SureLock/SureFox/SureVideo Home Screen 5 times within 3 seconds

Admin Settings Login

2. On Admin Settings screen, tap on About SureLock/SureFox/SureVideo 

Admin Settings Options

3. On About SureLock/SureFox/SureVideo  screen, Tap on Preferred Activation ID

About SureFox_SureLock Settings

4. On Preferred Activation ID prompt, tap and select IMEI

About SureFox_SureLock Preferred ID Settings

5. Now once back on the About SureLock/SureFox/SureVideo screen, tap on Activate

About SureFox_SureLock Activation

6. Enter the Activation code on Enter Activation ID prompt and tap on Activate to start the Activation Process

About SureFox_SureLock Activation Process

Even after following the mentioned steps you are not able to fix the activation concern, contact us at   __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  

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