How To Use iOS And iPadOS User Enrollment In SureMDM

42Gears supports User Enrollment, the latest way to enroll iOS and iPadOS devices into an MDM solution. User Enrollment is an effective way to provide a secure end-user experience while securing and managing corporate data on BYOD devices. 

Enroll iOS and iPadOS devices in SureMDM with User Enrollment

1. Ensure that the device(s) to be enrolled is currently running iOS 13 or above (or iPadOS), has a Managed Apple ID, and is unsupervised

2. Navigate to the 42Gears UEM Console.

2. Go to the Preapproved section and click Download Preapprove Template.

3. Enter the following details in the template:

Device Name=xxx ,Hardware Address =Apple Id, Hardware Address Type = AppleID, Group Path =xxx, Device Notes= xxx, Device Tag = xxx, Phone Number =xxx, Email Id = xxx

Save the file in .CSV format locally on your system.

4. Go back to the Preapproved section and click Import.

5. Browse and select the file saved in the local system.

     The details added in the file will be listed under the Preapproved section.

6. Select a device and click Invite User.

7. Select Invite User By Email or Invite User By SMS and click OK.

     The user will receive a link via email or SMS.

8. On the device, tap on the link sent by the MDM server.

     The link will download the enrollment profile.

9. Go to Settings on the device and tap the SureMDM enrollment profile.

10. On the User Enrollment prompt, tap Enroll my iPad.

11. Sign-in with Managed Apple ID credentials.

The device is now enrolled and will now appear in the device grid of the 42Gears UEM Console.

NOTE: Nix will get installed on device only if VPP with Nix app is available on the account. Not sure how to upload VPP token? click here

The device enrolled through this mode, Management Status of the device will reflect as User Enrollment under Device Information panel of SureMDM Web Console

iOS and iPadOS Device Management

Start managing iOS and iPadOS devices using 42Gears UEM.


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