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Now manage even your ‘Not-so-Smart’ Endpoints with 42Gears UEM

42Gears Team  Traditional business endpoints such as PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, wearables, etc. have long since been managed by device management solutions. The fact that these devices and endpoints run on operating systems (OSs) makes it easy to monitor, manage and control using UEM solutions. However, there are numerous other devices and endpoints used in…

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How IoT is changing retail industry

42Gears Team  Thanks to the Internet of Things, over the past few years, the retail industry has transformed radically, gaining new insights on customer psychology and enhancing work experiences by offering innovative ways to work. With IoT, retailers will not only be able to augment sales, but also empower the workforce to act in a…

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How IoT Is Impacting Security Issues

42Gears Team Internet of things (IoT) devices may  easily be hacked or compromised, just like any other mobile devices. And that can adversely affect an organization’s infrastructure and processes. As IoT devices evolve and more such devices become a part of our daily lives, the security aspects have become paramount. Experts predict that by 2025,…

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