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Automatically Redirect Browser to a Website on Android Device Inactivity

Do you have multiple allowed websites on your Lockdown Device?  Want Auto Redirect to SureFox Home Screen or one of the allowed websites after an idle timeout? Use SureFox‘s Idle Timeout option to force the screen to redirect itself to SureFox Home Screen or a website. Follow mentioned steps to enable Idle Timeout option: 1. Login to…

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Which product do I need? SureLock, SureFox Basic or SureFox Pro?

All the 42Gears products are unique with specific features and benefits. It would be really easy to decide on which solution best fits your requirement if you know what each product can do or is capable of doing. Here we are going to talk about three products; SureFox Basic, SureFox Pro and SureLock for Android devices. SureFox Basic allows…

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How to enable Offline Browsing using SureFox Kiosk Browser?

Offline Browsing is downloading and copying web pages onto a computer or a device in order to view them locally without being connected to the Internet. It is very useful when the computer is offline and connection to the Internet is impossible or undesirable. With SureFox, now you can enable offline browsing of listed allowed websites…

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Differences between SureFox Basic and SureFox Pro

Two variants of SureFox for Android are available –SureFox Basic and SureFox Pro. There are a few important differences between SureFox Basic and SureFox Pro. Choice to use either of them depends on the actual requirements. First things first, the basic functionality of SureFox as a locked web browser is present in both the variants…

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How to Add Custom Toolbar to SureFox Kiosk Browser?

SureFox Lockdown Browser supports toolbar to perform quick actions. You can enable a default toolbar or add a customized toolbar of your own. You can enable and dock the toolbars on top, bottom, left and right sides of SureFox Home Screen. You can also use SureFox Javascript APIs to create shortcuts to your favorite websites and applications. How…

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How to activate SureLock and SureFox to full version?

Applies to: Product SureLock / SureFox Platform Android We, at 42Gears believe in keeping things simple. Licensing and activation process is one of them. Once licenses have been purchased, an activation code is sent via email which can be used for registering the products on all devices. License Activation is an easy process that converts…

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