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Lockdown Tablets in Class to Ensure Distraction-Free, Focused Learning

Apr 15, 2016 | 42Gears Team

Tablets in classrooms - Distraction or focused learning

With constant developments in mobile technology, there is a sudden surge of educational apps for iOS, Android, and Windows devices. These apps focus on students and the use of mobile devices for learning like locking down tablets in class so students can concentrate on their school work. Students are finding this trend helpful. According to the Pearson Student Mobile Device Report published in June 2015, 79% of the students mentioned that tablets make learning more fun and 68% students mentioned that tablets made them perform better in class.

However, considering the capability of mobile devices, handing students such powerful yet unmonitored and unprotected devices could be a concern. Games, social media apps, online stores could potentially distract students from learning.

An obvious solution to avoid distractions and ensure focused learning is by restricting students to only allowed learning applications and content. This can be done with solutions like SureLock that help lockdown tablets in class. It helps students remain focused by:

  • restricting access to required apps and functions only
  • securing mobile device settings
  • restricting access to device home screen
  • preventing students from playing games, browsing or installing unapproved applications
  • preventing students from using distractive mobile features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and more

When a Mobile Device Management solution like SureMDM is used with SureLock, it not only helps students remain focused but also makes it easier for school authorities and teachers by:

  • providing a centralised view of student devices
  • allowing remote monitoring and tracking of devices
  • allowing remote file transfers to students devices
  • allowing remote device access and control
  • allowing message broadcasts and more

SureLock and SureMDM by 42Gears enable  focused learning through features like:

Disable Safe Mode
The most common way students get out of any restrictions on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets is through the Safe Mode. Safe Mode disables all functions except basic functions required for mobile devices to run. This creates a security hazard. Unlocked devices allow unrestricted browsing (and unmonitored activities). 42Gears has successfully closed this gap by introducing a feature which disables students from getting into the Safe Mode.
On Demand Lockdown
On Demand Lockdown allows the teachers to forcibly invoke required education apps or websites and lockdown tablets in class so students are not distracted during a classroom session.
Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)
42Gears’ has recently collaborated with a few schools to enable REAL TIME STREAMING PROTOCOL (RTSP) support. This feature will help schools to stream video content from teacher devices to student tablets during a classroom session.

42Gears currently supports some of the major educational institutes around the world. These schools are using SureLock  and/or SureFox o keep students focused on learning and restrict access to objectionable content or applications by locking down tablets in class. They are also using 42Gears’ MDM solution, SureMDM , for remote monitoring and management.

Read more about how 42Gears is supporting education here or

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