Gore Nitrogen uses SureLock and SureMDM to deliver tamper-proof tablets to truck drivers

Mar 02, 2016 | 42Gears Team


Gore Nitrogen is a pumping services company based out of Oklahoma. It maintains a quality reputation in the industrial, pipeline and oilfield service industries. Gore Nitrogen provides cost-efficient operations by delivering high-quality work with an emphasis on service to customers, innovation, and professionalism. It specializes in fracturing, nitrogen pumping and transportation services.

Challenges faced by Gore Nitrogen

Gore Nitrogen employs multiple truck drivers who are on the move transporting different items such as frac equipment and liquid nitrogen. These truck drivers fill out paper logs to record their activities, such as off-duty, driving or on-duty. However, with changes in the federal regulation, Gore Nitrogen switched to an electronic logging system. With this change, Gore Nitrogen adopted a tablet-based approach that required truck drivers to enter their activity details on the tablet.

With the adoption of mobile technology, all truck drivers have been equipped with tablets. All these tablets are connected to the internet that made them open to misuse by drivers. Gore Nitrogen needed a solution that prevents these tablets from being misused so that data wouldn’t be used on non-essential apps. It also needed the ability to push approved app updates to the devices remotely and keep track of tablets in case of theft or loss.

Gore Nitrogen knew that without the tablets being locked, it would potentially have non-essential apps open that would conflict with driver logging apps. Gore Nitrogen didn’t want the new tablets to become a distraction for the drivers while they were driving or working.

SureLock and SureMDM helped Gore Nitrogen resolve challenges

Gore Nitrogen started looking out for different solutions that fulfilled all its requirements such as remote management and location tracking. With the combination of SureLock and SureMDM Gore Nitrogen was able to push new SureLock settings, including layout customizations and approved apps remotely. Gore Nitrogen kept one device at the office with identical settings to the ones in the field. Whenever the admins required new changes, they just made the changes to the settings on the office device. Once they were satisfied with how the new configuration functioned, they pushed the settings to multiple devices at once.

Gore Nitrogen also realized that with SureMDM, there were no issues if a few of the enrolled devices were not connected to the internet or if they were switched off when settings were being pushed. The next time drivers powered up and connected to the internet, the job was automatically picked up and executed. The entire process of deploying the two solutions on 50 tablets took less than a minute per device.

With SureLock, drivers are not distracted and use only the apps they need to perform their job functions. The remote support feature in SureMDM allowed Gore Nitrogen to diagnose and troubleshoot problems its employees were facing in the field. This has allowed the IT team to document and work on issues without having to drive hours to help them in remote areas.

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