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iPads in Schools: Are They Secure?

Empowering education institutions’ BYOD strategy with iOS With the growing popularity of smart devices in the education sector, blackboards, whiteboards, chalks, textbooks, and notebooks are becoming secondary requirements. The extensive adoption of iPads and iPhones across schools and colleges, makes iOS devices the number one choice. As per Piper Jaffray’s, an investment firm’s survey report, 2017,…

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Lockdown Tablets in Class to Ensure Distraction-Free, Focused Learning

With constant developments in mobile technology, there is a sudden surge of educational apps for iOS, Android, and Windows devices. These apps focus on students and the use of mobile devices for learning like locking down tablets in class so students can concentrate on their school work. Students are finding this trend helpful. According to…

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How Tablets are Redefining Classroom Learning

The educational sector has always incorporated new technologies to improve learning and make it more efficient and affordable. Everything has been tried and tested, whether it be using virtual lessons, visual simulations, or digital content.  In the midst of alternative learning methods and all the technological developments in the education sector, tablets have played an…

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