Convert your Android device into a Wireless Sonos HiFi Music Controller

Transform Android Device into a Wireless Music Controller

SONOS is a renowned name in the world of high quality wireless sound systems. Sonos allows you to control your HiFi Music System over WiFi via its Android application.

For people who want their phones and tablets as a dedicated Sonos Controller, SureLock allows you to do just the same. SureLock locks your device to run Sonos Controller all the time and makes sure it is available for you every time you reach for it.

Here’s how you can do it in 5 simple steps:

We’re assuming you already have Sonos Controller configured on your devices 🙂

1. Install SureLock on your device. (You can get it from here)

2. Follow the on-screen steps to enter SureLock Admin Settings and tap on Allowed Applications

3. Click on Add and select the Sonos Controller from the list

4. Now visit the SureLock Settings and enable the Single Application Mode

5. Follow the instructions and click OK.

That’s it. Your Android device is ready to be your dedicated Wireless Controller.

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