Build your own Android based kiosk device to run web applications with SureFox Kiosk Browser

Surefox Kiosk Browser

From self-checkout counters at retail stores to an art gallery, digital kiosks provide a simple and low cost way to connect with customers. With easy touch-based interaction, multimedia and web capabilities, Android tablets and TVs are increasingly being used for developing kiosk based solutions.

It is quite easy to convert an Android-based tablet into a web-based kiosk device. All you need to do is select a tablet based on your requirements, such as:

  • Display size and quality (You can opt for tablets ranging from 7″ to large screen Android TVs)
  • Connectivity (Consider whether you need internet connectivity for displaying online content or display local pages)
  • Battery Performance (Depends on the duration your device will be running on battery or mains)

After the tablets have been selected, they need to be locked to your point of interest to prevent intentional or unintentional misuse by users. You can use SureFox to display local web content or a normal website in kiosk mode. SureFox locks down your tablets so that the users are not allowed to launch any other applications. Only an Administrator can unlock the device using a pre-configured password.

With SureFox you don’t need look for or build any custom ROM to achieve complete lockdown of Android tablets.

How to setup Kiosk mode in SureFox Pro:

1. Install SureFox (You can get a copy from here)

2. Launch SureFox and follow on-screen steps to access settings

3. Go to Allowed Websites, enter the path to you web site and tap on Done. These are the only websites that will be accessible to the user.

4. Go back to SureFox admin settings page and Go to SureFox Pro Settings.

5. Enable Kiosk mode and tap on Done again.

6. After finalizing the settings, tap on Done again to exit from Settings screen.

7. Follow the on screen steps to bring SureFox in kiosk mode.

That’s all; your web application is now ready to be run in kiosk mode.


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