Safe and Private Browsing in SureFox Kiosk Browser for Android

surefox private browsing Worried about the security of your confidential online data getting stored on shared mobile devices. Well, SureFox can be your savior. Besides the regular browser lock-down features, SureFox now comes with a Private Browsing functionality(also known as the Incognito Mode) which lets you browse the web without storing any information locally on the device. This means when you enable private browsing, SureFox stops storing your:

  • Session Information
  • Cache data
  • Forms Data
  • Passwords

 To provide you complete control over the browser activity, SureFox allows you to individually configure these options too.

Follow the steps below to configure the Privacy Settings in SureFox:

Privacy Settings in SureFox

Privacy Settings in SureFox

  1. Enter the SureFox admin screen by entering password.
  2. Tap on Browser Preferences
  3. You can configure Privacy options of SureFox as displayed in the screen above.

Author: Panshul Srivastava
42Gears Mobility Systems

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