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It’s Never Too Late to Do Remote Access Better

Jul 10, 2020 | 42Gears Team

Remote Access

As your employees have worked through shelter-in-place orders, you’ve probably given them remote access to company resources, perhaps through a remote desktop service

Still, you’ve likely realized that turning desk jobs into remote jobs isn’t easy. Always-on VPNs and constant connectivity eat up a stunning amount of data. Employees may not take the necessary safety precautions to keep remote access secure. And that’s not even getting into the outdated infrastructure you might rely on to make all of this happen.

At this point, you might think that remote access is inherently clunky- but it’s not. You can and should do what you can to make it better for your employees who depend on a remote desktop or other remote job technologies

Know this: it’s never too late to do remote access the right way. You can easily migrate from outdated infrastructure, cut down on costs, and stay within your budget.

The Key to Good Remote Access is Unified Endpoint Management

Many businesses (yours possibly included) built the heart of their infrastructure ten or more years ago- not anticipating the demand for remote access by means of remote desktop, and certainly not anticipating that desk jobs would become remote jobs.

You need to migrate away from a framework based on an archaic operating system- or any operating system, for that matter. Unified endpoint management (UEM) software lets you manage almost any device (or “endpoint”), of almost any kind, from almost any manufacturer- all from a single console. 

With the right UEM solution in place, you can carefully manage when and how each employee can access corporate resources like a remote desktop. By only giving them access to what they need, and staggering resource availability, you can keep the demand on your network to reasonable levels. 

You can also make the login process itself more secure by choosing a UEM solution that can work with your in-house Identity Provider to make Single Sign-On (SSO) possible.

A UEM solution can also ensure your employees use devices responsibly. For example, you can mandate that each device has a rigorous password to prevent thieves from accessing your company’s resources.

Unified Endpoint Management supports a mix of in-the-office and at-home work

At some point in the near past or future, your employees have begun (or will begin) to return to the workplace.

Unified endpoint management continues to be useful whether remote jobs turn back into office jobs, or remain remote jobs indefinitely.

IT admins appreciate unified endpoint management because it allows them to troubleshoot devices remotely. Rather than needing to visit devices in-person (which is impossible with remote jobs), they can view device screens remotely and control those devices via remote access. This also saves time when repairing office devices.

If some employees rely on a remote desktop and others work in-person, it may be difficult to ensure everyone gets emergency messages when they matter. As long as each person’s device is enrolled in a UEM solution, you can relay a message via the central console and ensure they receive it right away.

It’s Never Too Soon to Adopt Unified Endpoint Management Technology

Any process of improvement begins with recognizing that improvements need to be made. If you still haven’t figured out the right way to handle remote access, now is the time to consider implementing unified endpoint management for your organization.

Getting started is easy. UEM solutions work with a range of manufacturer-provided enrollment tools, which means you can enroll and manage devices quickly.

If you would like to try UEM software before committing to it, you can try a free trial of SureMDM, a UEM solution by 42Gears, today. To learn more, click here.

Do remote access the right way, risk-free, with a trusted unified endpoint management solution.


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