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iOS Remote Management Is More Than Just A Plus. It’s A Must.

Jun 29, 2021 | 42Gears Team

 iOS  Device Management

If you are anything like the average admin, you value a hands-on approach to device safety. You might worry that switching to an iOS remote management model marks the end of your hands-on approach. However, those who have made the leap to iOS management software don’t report a loss of control – they report more control and security, with a more hands-on experience than ever before.

If you want to feel more in control of your job, you need to accept that the benefits of iOS remote management are crucial to securing your workplace. No technology solves every problem, of course, but it becomes much easier to secure technology once you have adjusted to a remote management framework.

Traditional Hands-On: So Much Effort, Not Much Reward

If you need to take care of a single iPad, and it is right in front of you. managing it isn’t hard; you can activate features like Guided Access in a flash. If a user does something wrong, you can just get up and fix the iPad.

Unfortunately, this stops being feasible as soon as you have more than two or so iPads, especially if those iPads are located far away from each other. Racing back and forth between tablets to activate Guided Access, undo settings changes, and so on is not a great strategy. It simply isn’t very efficient, and that means it isn’t secure.

Once you have to deal with dozens, hundreds, or thousands of iPads, it becomes impossible to manage them all in-person. There isn’t time in the day to run between devices and do everything for every device. Plus, you’re probably responsible for other things during the day. In other words, you can’t afford for your day to be consumed by monotonous management tasks. Security threats could easily slip past your attention this way, too.

iOS Management Software: An Easier Choice for Better Results

Most system admins deeply care about the work they do, viewing the “sysadmin” role as a career, not just a job. As part of this, thousands of admins have realized the only way to keep improving in their roles is to adopt something like iOS remote management software.

iOS remote management is the path admins take when they enroll iPhones and iPads into Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager. From there, they can control some device functionality, such as which apps users can access, and what media each device can play. Unlike the manual “hands-on” approach, however, someone employing iOS management software will mostly manage devices remotely.

In this case, “remote” means that there is a central command center admins can access. Rather than walking up to the individual device and making changes, you can now do it instantly from afar. The time savings are enormous. What once took two minutes per device now takes under five minutes for all devices together.

The Economics of iOS Remote Management: Nominal Cost for a Major Improvement

Particularly in smaller businesses, system admins may not want the additional expense of iOS remote management. In the long run, however, admins may be able to save their businesses time and money with this technology.

Admins typically report substantial time savings after implementing remote management software. This gives them more time to pursue long-term projects that benefit their company security. Spending less time on menial tasks allows more time for meaningful projects and improvements. Plus, admins’ well-being is an essential, but often overlooked, asset. Admins who depart create a range of costly problems for the executives left behind. Remote management makes for a more satisfying job environment.

Crucially, implementing remote management can thwart potential security breaches. If thieves exfiltrate critical data, this is typically extremely expensive to resolve, especially for smaller firms. Adding a monthly or yearly fee for remote management is minor in the face of such a potential loss.


Whether you are a systems administrator or you work with one, saving time on simple tasks is always a good thing. No matter the size of your business, better-equipped admins can do a better job of keeping your assets safe. Across both company- and employee-owned devices, the right iOS remote management solution makes businesses better and safer.

iOS remote management – The Tool System
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