Affordable mobility solutions for Logistics and Supply Chain companies

Mar 01, 2016 | 42Gears Team

Affordable mobility solutions for Logistics and Supply Chain companiesMost businesses reach out to various logistics solution providers for their logistics and supply chain needs. These solution providers are typically specialized in integrated operation, warehousing and transportation services.

Logistics and supply chain providers integrating value-added services

Earlier some of these small logistics solution providers had limited means to scale up and adapt to customers’ needs. However, with increasing competition from large enterprises, these companies have included value-added services. These value added services integrate parts of the supply chain like real-time tracking of shipments and expected time of delivery. To provide these value-added services, small logistics and supply chain companies have started deploying mobile devices for their field workforce. With this integration of mobile devices, the delivery process has become more effective and organized. The well connected mobile workforce is equipped to feed real-time data and view assigned jobs on-the-go.

Challenges associated with mobile devices

However, the logistics solution providers witnessed devices being misused by delivery associates and field workforce. They download unauthorized applications and tamper with device settings, which affects business processes. To counter these concerns, logistics solution providers were compelled to look for a comprehensive solution. They needed a solution which could lock down the device and facilitate functions like two-way communication and tracking.

For small logistics solution providers, the solution came in the form of Mobile Device Management or MDM. MDM enabled these companies in managing, controlling and securing mobile devices remotely. It enables communication and the deployment and implementation is much less extensive. The small logistics solution providers do not require investment of millions of dollars that was once affordable only to large enterprises.

42Gears SureMDM is an MDM solution which, along with SureLock provides device management features with an advanced kiosk lockdown at a reasonable cost. SureMDM enables companies to have a centralized view of all field devices with options to remotely monitor, control and track them. SureLock allows logistic solution providers to restrict users only to the required business applications and password protect device settings. These products ensure malware free Android (across all versions, including the latest Android Marshmallow) and Windows (includes Windows 10) devices with longer life.

42Gears continues its effort to assist companies in the logistics and supply chain industry. It helps them in overcoming their device management challenges, reorganize their operations and save huge maintenance and support cost.

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