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How to export SureLock and SureFox settings?

Applies to: SureLock, SureFox Follow the steps below to export your SureLock/SureFox configuration to a settings file: Launch SureLock/SureFox. Go to Admin settings using your password (Default: Tap on home screen for 5 times within 3 seconds to bring up the password prompt) Once you are on settings screen, tap on Import/Export Settings and select Export to…

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Custom TitleBar in SureLock

A Title Bar is the first thing which grabs user’s attention. SureLock kiosk-mode lock down for Android allows you to display a custom title bar on top of SureLock home screen. Whether its your company name or a special message, the title bar can be used to display text according to the requirement. Follow the…

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How to create custom shortcuts in SureLock?

Shortcuts are links which provide quick access to files, applications or settings. They save time and help increase your work productivity. SureLock provides a way to create shortcuts for system settings, documents & applications on its home screen. Follow the steps below to learn how to create a shortcut in SureLock: 1. Access SureLock Admin Settings…

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