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Kiosk Management

Take the Pain Out of Kiosk Management
kiosk management


Businesses use kiosks as tools for displaying information, conducting transactions, receiving orders and more. Given their importance, kiosks are usually placed in outlets across locations and more often than not, support professionals aren’t stationed anywhere near those areas. This makes it difficult for businesses to optimally manage, monitor, secure, and troubleshoot kiosks remotely and cost-effectively to optimize operations.

42Gears offers a comprehensive software suite to easily and efficiently lock down and manage kiosk fleets of any size, regardless of whether they are Windows, Linux, iOS/iPadOS, or Android kiosks. From deployment to patch distribution, remote OS updates to user management, data protection to secure browsing, the kiosk management capabilities offered by the 42Gears mobile device management solution take care of everything.

General Features


Central Management
Manage and monitor kiosks across locations from a central web console

Access kiosk

Access Control
Enforce policies to control access to device settings and peripherals


Remote Support
Install and update apps, deliver content, and troubleshoot kiosks remotely

Intel® AMT-enabled devices

  • Gain full remote control of kiosks (no technician visits required)
  • Maintain a remote session even while the kiosk is rebooting
  • Remotely wake up kiosks from sleep mode, or turn devices on or off
  • Remotely recover a kiosk from a security incident

Benefits of Adopting 42Gears’ software for Kiosk Management

low cost kiosk

Reduced operating costs

reduce downtime

Minimized device downtime

data security

Improved data and kiosk security

Turning Devices into Kiosks

Building traditional kiosks can be both resource and cost-intensive. SureLock can help turn off-the-shelf devices into kiosks quickly and easily.


In the business context, it’s imperative that users be allowed access to only certain websites for corporate use. This is where SureFox can help.


Deploying and updating playlists on multiple digital signage screens one by one can be both difficult and tedious. SureVideo makes this easy, regardless of where the devices are located.


Supported Platforms






Essential Features of Kiosk Management


Remote App Installation
Silently push apps and app updates at any time to keep your kiosk up-to-date

Cloud deployment

Over-the-Air Content Updates
Silently push files to kiosks to ensure they convey accurate information

Remote control

Remote Support and Control
View a kiosk screen remotely, or remotely control a kiosk, to expedite repairs

perepheral access

Peripheral Control
Control the functionality of device buttons, camera, USB ports, connected devices (such as printers), and more

Improved it security

Security Threat Detection
SureMDM's native Mobile Threat Defense features help detect and neutralize security threats on apps, unsafe network connections, and more


Branding and Personalization
Choose which buttons and features to include or not include in the kiosk interface, and add your firm’s branding to the interface

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