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Secure Email

Secure Email Access on Business devices


Today, emails are the primary means of official communication. Organizations allow their distributed, mobile workforces the flexibility and convenience of accessing corporate email messages from both personal and company-owned devices to improve productivity. However, doing so also raises security concerns.

42Gears Mobile Email Management (MEM) solution can help IT professionals keep their networks safe. 42Gears MEM tools enhance security and prevent email-based data loss by enforcing strict compliance policies and encrypting sensitive corporate data. 42Gears Secure Email is deployed using PowerShell integration.

42Gears MEM

42Gears Mobile Email Management can safeguard corporate email infrastructures against threats by:

  • Securing emails across a host of devices, operating systems, endpoints and email clients
  • Preventing unauthorized, stolen or lost devices from accessing corporate emails
  • Protecting business information and data in corporate emails
Containerizing business emails

Containerizing business emails

Configuring email over-the-air

Configuring email

Authorizing email access

Email access on compliant and managed devices only

Wiping or locking down

Wiping or locking down lost or stolen devices remotely

SSL Email Security

Enforcing SSL for
protecting emails

Enforcing data loss prevention measures

Enforcing data loss prevention measures

Email Data Loss Prevention through 42Gears MEM

  • Ensure corporate emails cannot be moved to personal mailboxes
  • Ensure corporate email attachments cannot be opened using personal apps
  • Disable screen-capture and screen-recording
  • Disable cross-profile copy-paste

How it works

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Can easily be managed from a single console

Spam emails

Protects corporate email accounts from spam mails

stablish policies with just a few clicks

Allows IT admins to establish policies with just a few clicks

Additional Cost

Can be used at no additional cost