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Job and Profile Revision History is now available on SureMDM

abr 05, 2023 | 42Gears Team

Jobs are a set of tasks that can be created and remotely deployed on enrolled device(s) or group(s). For example, using Jobs, IT administrators can install/uninstall applications, remotely wipe/lock/shut down devices, configure application settings and permissions, and so on. Profiles are a set of policies and configuration settings that allow administrators to control the functions and settings of specific apps and managed devices. Using this feature, admins can configure network settings, web content filtering, passcode policies, etc. With SureMDM, admins can automate creating jobs/profiles on enterprise devices and mitigate the tedious process of manually deploying them on each device.

Introduction to Jobs and Profiles Revision History

In organizations with thousands of employees, there could be numerous use-case scenarios for jobs and profiles and multiple IT administrators who handle the account. It is difficult for others to determine who made what changes and when to the deployed jobs and profiles when an IT administrator makes any changes. It also gets challenging for account admins to track the changes made by different people and revert to the original version when required. There are high chances for the administrators to run into situations where they don’t know which version of jobs and profiles are currently in use and how they differ from the original version. To address these problems, SureMDM by 42Gears has introduced Jobs and Profiles Revision History. 

The Jobs and Profiles Revision History feature allows users to see which changes have been made to a given job’s or profile’s data over time, the time of the change, and the admin responsible for the change. Also, when there is any modification to the deployed jobs and profiles, a new version number is created for users to compare any two versions of the jobs/profiles to better understand the changes, add comments to different versions, copy the changes made, and revert to the original version. There is no limit on the number of versions that can be created for updating jobs or profiles. Admins can save the new versions of the jobs or profiles and push them to the devices.

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