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How to Reduce Printer Downtime with Things Management?

maio 04, 2022 | 42Gears Team

Things Management

Printer downtime is one of the most frustrating issues that can have a serious impact on mission-critical operations. Printers play a crucial role from labeling items in production lines to issuing customer orders from warehouses. At retail stores, printer downtime can lead to customer dissatisfaction as they have to wait for a receipt to be printed. If printers stop working, missing labels can slow down the entire process and even cause serious legal issues if food packaging lacks the ‘best-before’ label. In a nutshell, printer downtime may have far-reaching consequences such as increased warehouse waste, loss of production time, decreased efficiency, excessive labor costs, and lower profit margins. 

In an organization, there can be thousands of printers across multiple sites spread across geographies. Maintaining such a huge fleet manually is both expensive and time-consuming. Moreover, a lack of visibility and accountability can cause serious security and compliance issues, making businesses vulnerable to security breaches. 

Traditional device management solutions are limited to developer-friendly operating systems (OSs) such as Android, Windows, and iOS. But printers don’t have developer-friendly OSs, which is why these solutions aren’t any help when it comes to managing printers. Thus the need for an innovative solution to manage printers.

42Gears has developed an innovative framework that allows you to manage printers that do not have developer-friendly operating systems. Using 42Gears’s things management solution, you can easily manage, monitor, control, and troubleshoot your printers without spending extra time and money. All you need to do is enroll all printers into the 42Gears UEM web console using a things connector. Once this is done, IT admins can remotely manage printers from a single console.

Here’s how 42Gears ensures better printer management.

Save Time and Money with Remote Troubleshooting

Printer downtime can be costly and time-consuming and it often causes huge losses. If a printer stops working, IT admins need to reach the site (distribution center) physically and troubleshoot the device manually.  In order to solve the problem, the service rep needs to understand the problem first by gathering information onsite. Only after reviewing all the data collected data can the service rep resolve the issue. All these activities demand a lot of time and effort. Meanwhile, employees who need to use the printer won’t be able to work till the printer gets fixed and this contributes to under-utilization of labor and loss of productive time. 

42Gears’s things management solution helps technicians understand/identify printer-related issues remotely without going to the site physically and troubleshoot devices as quickly as possible. This saves a lot of time and labor (and transportation) costs. 

Ensure Data Security and Compliance

Lack of visibility into devices leads to a lack of information - location, count, update status, maintenance requirements, and device security status and vulnerabilities. Businesses need this type of critical information to ensure compliance with security standards. Manual data collection is not only a time-consuming process but also more prone to human errors.

42Gears’s things management solution helps businesses get visibility into all the printers installed in different locations while being able to update software and firmware remotely. This helps businesses to remain compliant and secure their devices against potential threats.

Easy Annual Device Inspection and Maintenance

In order to ensure the smooth and uninterrupted functioning of distribution centers and sites, businesses often perform annual inspections and maintenance of all printers installed in different locations. And this is a time-consuming and costly process. 

Businesses can save valuable time, effort, and money by using the things management solution offered by 42Gears. The solution helps them to perform annual inspection and maintenance activities easily without visiting sites or distribution centers physically. Additionally, service reps may sometimes require specific property information such as mac address, site number, serial no, firmware version, and IP address from each printer. It is very easy to gather such information through 42Gears’s cutting-edge solution. 

Multiple Printers, One Solution - 42Gears’ Things Management Solution

With 42Gears’s things management solution, management of printers has just become easier and more efficient. It helps you to gain insight into each and every printer that you install across the globe, so IT teams can focus on other important issues without having to worry about printer-related security and compliance issues. Teams can now be more productive while being able to save valuable time and effort, which they might otherwise spend on updating software and firmware versions and gathering minute details during troubleshooting.

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