WinMo Tools

Following tools can be downloaded and used for evaluation purposes only. For commercial usage, contact us. Some of these tools can be used along with SureLock.

CabMerge for Windows Mobile

Merges multiple CAB files into one single CAB file. Installation of this CAB installs all the component CABs in the same order in which they were selected during merging operation.

Phone Manager Tool

Power On and Power Off phone radio on the Windows Mobile device..

PowerOff Tool

Put the Windows Mobile device into Suspend Mode.

RotateWM Tool

Change the screen orientation of your Windows Mobile device. Launch RotateWM with or without any commandline parameters. See below:

  • No parameter: Rotate screen to next angle. > 90° > 180° > 270°
  • Portrait: Directly rotate screen to portrait mode.
  • Landscape: Directly rotate screen to landscape mode.