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Use Cases

Increase productivity, ensure quicker customer support, and get an uninterrupted testing experience.

AstroFarm is developed for Remote and Hybrid teams who are geographically distributed. Ensure device availability 24x7 and an uninterrupted testing experience for your teams with our private device farm solution.

Devops and QA

mdm software

Boon for WFH
Centralized list of all devices in the organization to increase device availability and employee productivity.

mdm software

Test without boundaries
Perform Code Development, Debugging, and Manual & Automation testing on real devices without time or device limitations.


Contactless Device Enrollment and Easy Access
Agentless Device enrollment (no agent required to be installed) with plug and play. Browser-based access from any host ensures easy access from any browser.


Support for Open Source Frameworks
AstroFarm supports integrations with CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, Github, and GitLab. With AstroFarm APIs, Automation testing frameworks such as Appium, Cucumber, and Ranorex are also supported.


A Sustainable Approach
With AstroFarm, use your existing devices to their maximum potential, increasing device utilization and reducing e-waste.

ISVs and OEMs


Save on Device Shipment Costs and Time for OEMs and ISVs
Minimize delay and save on shipping costs by connecting devices to an office device rack at the manufacturing site. This provides remote device access to the engineering teams and eliminates the need to ship devices to them.


Determine Potential Errors during Test Execution
With Screen recording, Device logs, Reports, and CPU and Memory utilization updates during test execution, you can determine bugs, errors, and resource allocation in real time.


Real Device Connectivity
Swipe right, swipe left, zoom, and more with Remote Control on the device as if you are holding it in your hand.

mdm software

Reduced Turnaround Time
AstroFarm supports Automation testing to perform a high volume of test cases. Fix errors and bugs encountered with Remote Debugging before release.

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Perform a Wide Variety of Test Cases
AstroFarm supports Performance, Functional, and UI/UX testing for that perfect app release.

IT Support Teams


Instant Device Access
With Remote Access, debug on device remotely and save on potential device shipment or travel to customer sites.


Swift Customer Support
AstroFarm comes with browser-based access so the support team does not require a dedicated PC, enabling quick customer support.


Contactless Enrollment
Agentless Device Enrollment is quick, easy, and unobtrusive with plug and play. Support teams can request customers located anywhere to enroll devices to AstroFarm with any host machine (Windows/ Linux/ macOS).


Build Your Own Private Mobile App Testing Lab