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Be a Mac Admin with 42Gears UEM

Bengaluru, India, May 10, 2018 42Gears Mobility Systems a leading digital workspace solution provider, announces that it has extended its UEM platform to manage macOS entire lifecycle from a central console. Enterprises can now enrol their Macs on 42Gears UEM for better security and management.

With support for macOS, 42Gears UEM now offers management features such as Profile restriction, Blacklist/Whitelist Apps, Wi-Fi Configuration, Exchange ActiveSync and Mail Configuration. Companies can define which device features and services can be restricted such as camera, iCloud documents, iCloud Keychain, iCloud Photo Sharing, Spotlight Suggestions, Touch ID to unlock device, Definition Lookup and music service. IT Pros can also blacklist/whitelist apps, configure the devices to connect to wireless networks, and specify the certificates to be installed.

42Gears UEM will allow enterprises to define passcode policies to be enforced on Macs, configure settings for connecting to user’s POP or IMAP email accounts and Exchange ActiveSync. The UEM console will list the apps working on the devices as well as update location of the devices. IT Pros can refresh, track location, wipe or lock enrolled Mac devices directly from the console.

Prakash Gupta, Co-founder and CTO of 42Gears said, “Mac devices are continuing to gain ground in the enterprise field. In fact, many IT admins are finding deployment, device configuration, security and support of macOS easier. Managing Mac lifecycle tasks got a huge boost with the release of Apple’s Device Enrollment Program. Companies are slowly starting to use Device Enrollment Program-based Mac provisioning to manage their devices using an UEM solution. 42Gears UEM support for macOS is expected to be game changer for us. We are now focusing on providing new features to make Mac management more easier and seamless.