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42Gears Unveils UEM Analytics Engine for Business Insights using Mobile Device and Application Data

Bengaluru, India, April 9th, 2018 - 42Gears Mobility Systems, a leading provider of Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution announces the release of its new Analytics Engine. The Analytics Engine will enable data capture, storage and analysis for 42Gears customers to deliver smart business insights. With this 42Gears adds the power of Analytics to its UEM platform.

The Analytical Engine is a part of 42Gears UEM to help companies make informed decisions regarding their IT asset management strategy. The engine uses big data technology and can perform Mobile Device, App Usage and IoT Data Analytics.

This latest addition is a step towards building 42Gears UEM into an intelligent platform. It will help gain actionable insights by analysing large amounts of data captured through enterprise endpoints. The analytics framework not only captures and stores data from 42Gears UEM apps such as SureLock,SureFox and Enterprise App Store but also allows third party enterprise apps to register their Time Series Data with 42Gears UEM. The tool will help businesses measure the effectiveness of their device and application deployments. For example - application usage analytics can tell which application was launched most number of times, engaged maximum users and had highest session times.

Prakash Gupta, Co-founder and CTO of 42Gears explains, “42Gears UEM Analytics Engine is a convergence of large amount of data collected periodically from multiple endpoints and apps managed by 42Gears UEM. Useful and actionable business insights can be drawn from the analysis of this data using our Analytics Engine.”  42Gears believes that the offering will benefits its customers and will be a game changer in the Endpoint Management field.

Prakash adds “Over the years, we have been approached multiple times by customers looking for analytics reports around various endpoint and application parameters to improve their business operations. 42Gears Analytics Engine will help companies derive precise answers such as,  apps that consumed most data in a month or device models that running out of battery frequently. These simple, but powerful insights can help in performing preventive maintenance , improving business operations and saving operational costs for companies.”