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42Gears Launches Things Management Technology to Manage ‘Connected’ Devices

Bengaluru, India, June 26, 2019 – 42Gears, a leading UEM solution provider, has launched Things Management Technology (TMT) for management of various types of connected devices. These connected devices could be peripherals to existing endpoints such as printers, Bluetooth headsets, USB devices, barcode scanners, smart charging cradles, smart batteries, etc. 42Gears already has a world-class Unified Endpoint Management platform that helps businesses manage and secure smart devices - a solution for which Gartner has recognized 42Gears as the Customers’ Choice for Unified Endpoint Management Tools two times in a row. The new Things Management Technology will allow IT to operate and monitor ‘not-so-smart’ devices from the same 42Gears UEM console along with tablets, smartphones, PCs and other existing smart devices.

Asset tracking and Management of connected devices and accessories have always been very challenging, especially because these devices don’t have operating systems that can run UEM tools which are responsible for collecting information as well as performing actions on the device. The Things Management Technology solves this problem with a generic and scalable solution whereby a special Things Connector is developed which runs on the host machine and it communicates with the 42Gears UEM Server via the UEM agent running on the host machine. Once configured the “connected device” shows up on the UEM console as a child device of the host.

Prakash Gupta, Co-founder, and COO - 42Gears, says, “Regardless of the purpose a device serves, there must be a mechanism to manage and monitor it. Coming up with a solution like this had been on the cards for a while, and we are glad we’ve successfully made it available to our customers now. We understand the pain that IT admins go through when managing and keeping a track of ‘dumb’ devices. 42Gears Things Management Technology (TMT) has been designed keeping real-world scenarios in mind and it will allow companies to manage all endpoints which have traditionally been out of the purview of mobility management space.

42Gears is working with OEMs for developing support for their peripheral and accessory type of devices using the Things Management Technology. This offers a clear advantage to OEMs as not only their smart devices but all of their peripheral devices and accessories can be fully managed from the UEM Console.

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