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42Gears Introduces A Multi-Tier, Multi-Tenant Licensing Model for Partners

Bengaluru, India, January 28, 2020 –  42Gears, a leading unified endpoint management solution provider, has recently introduced a multi-tier, multi-tenant licensing model. Through this initiative, the company aims to offer more flexibility to its partners and resellers in terms of purchasing the kind of licenses they need.

The licensing model 42Gears previously offered required partners and service providers to buy and sell licenses of the same tier. The model was earlier followed by the company to keep license management simple. However, with its customer base and partner ecosystem expanding, this is no longer a feasible option. With the new model, 42Gears now offers more flexibility to its partners in terms of license handling.

“We put our stakeholders at the center of everything we do,” says Prakash Gupta, Co-Founder and COO of 42Gears. It’s only natural that we look at matters from their perspective and try to offer solutions that ensure they get the best out of our association. It was only a matter of time before we worked towards making the licensing model more accommodating.”

A multi-tier, multi-tenant architecture allows service providers to on-board multiple partners and customers (multi-tenancy)  on the same server infrastructure, and resell or assign them licenses of different types  (multi-tier).

In a multi-tenant SaaS (Software as a Service) platform like that 42Gears has just adopted, all customers share the same copy of an app. Their data is also stored in a single, shared database that is secured via encryption. However, each tenant is still isolated from other tenants in the database, and whenever a new release is made available by the vendor, each tenant gets the latest version of the software pushed out by the vendor at the same time.

This means that service providers and partners will not have to invest in buying, installing and maintaining additional hardware and software components, lowering the per-device total cost of ownership. They will also be able to have more than one tenant on the server which significantly reduces the infrastructure cost.

Going forward, 42Gears’ partners and service providers will be able to buy global licenses and distribute different types of licenses to different customers under them based on their respective requirements. They will also be able to have more than one tenant on the server.

“We hope to create a strong network of partners that can help us expand our footprint,” Gupta adds.  “Our partners and resellers play a key role in making our customers’ endpoint management journey easy. We believe that a flexible licensing model can go a long way in helping us, our partners, and our resellers serve our end-customers better.”

For more information on 42Gears’ multi-tier, multi-tenant licensing model, click here.