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SureMDM InLocate – Find and Track Mobile Devices in Retail with Indoor Location Tracking

apr 26, 2024 | 42Gears Team

For retailers relying on rugged and mobile devices for their operations, every wasted minute can have a significant impact on their revenue and competitive performance. One of the primary reasons retailers lose time and waste resources is locating misplaced devices; more specifically, tracking and locating devices by manually searching for them.

A recent poll shows that 27% of supply chain companies have reported missing or misplacing 6-10% of their devices and around 10% of their peripherals. Since these incidents are so commonplace, retailers need a solution that can help them minimize time wasted searching for these devices and track their devices within large facilities. 

In this blog, we will focus on SureMDM InLocate, a revolutionary indoor location-tracking technology that helps retail operations and supply chain teams track and locate their devices within large facilities, warehouses, and distribution centers. 

Why Indoor Location Tracking Matters

When working within large buildings and facilities, misplacing devices like scanners and tablets is a commonly reported issue. Such incidents can cause data security concerns and slow down operations. Both of these issues can lead to the following challenges: 

  • Reduced productivity

    : Manually locating devices within large facilities can take away precious time and resources from IT and operations teams.
  • Revenue loss when replacing misplaced devices

    : In case a device cannot be located or is reported stolen, retailers need to procure devices to replace the missing ones. 
  • Security risks

    : When a device is misplaced or stolen and falls into the wrong hands, the chances of data security breaches increase, as sensitive information can be misused or tampered with. This can lead to serious implications.

Track and Locate Missing Devices in Real-Time with SureMDM InLocate

SureMDM InLocate is an innovative indoor location tracking feature in SureMDM that helps retailers locate devices on the premises with pinpoint accuracy.

What are the key features of SureMDM InLocate?

  • Effortless integration with existing WiFi infrastructure

    : SureMDM InLocate can be easily set up and configured using a facility’s existing WiFi infrastructure. This ensures a hassle-free setup and eliminates the need to spend on additional network infrastructure hardware.
  • Real-time tracking

    : SureMDM InLocate eliminates the need to blindly search for misplaced devices by pinpointing their exact locations on a floor map. This helps retailers keep track of their devices at all times, reducing device loss and theft.

How can SureMDM InLocate simplify retail operations?

  • Streamline inventory management

    : By tracking misplaced devices, SureMDM InLocate helps retailers ensure order fulfillment and stocktaking are always on track.
  • Enhance device security

    : SureMDM InLocate enables retailers to safeguard sensitive information stored on their devices by ensuring that all devices are constantly tracked and do not end up in the wrong hands. 
  • Minimize costs associated with device replacement

    : Constantly keeping track of devices can help retailers minimize device loss and theft, helping them minimize device replacement costs.

SureMDM InLocate is not just for the retail industry; this innovative solution can help businesses across diverse industry verticals, such as warehousing, manufacturing, healthcare, and construction. 

Streamline Your Retail Operations with SureMDM InLocate

For retailers, reclaiming every minute spent on locating misplaced devices counts. SureMDM InLocate empowers IT and operations teams to save on time and resources spent on tracking devices while also ensuring device security. SureMDM InLocate drives retailers to maximize their operational efficiency and save big on device replacement costs.

Find and track the location of mobile devices
within a facility!

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