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Mitigate Mobile Device Security Risks in Retail Operations with SureMDM Mobile Threat Defense

mei 03, 2024 | 42Gears Team

Retailers rely on mobile devices for multiple purposes, like inventory management, staff communication, secure payment processing, and customer service. This dependency has led retailers to face a persistent challenge that has the potential to disrupt operations and impede efficiency: cybersecurity threats.  

A leading cybersecurity firm reported that over 1.3 million malicious application installation packages were detected in 2023. Cybersecurity threats continue to evolve rapidly, and mobile devices have become a prime target for attackers. This can be concerning for retailers since mobile devices are used by employees to store and handle sensitive data, like customer information and billing data. Any successful attack on a retailer’s mobile devices can lead to significant reputational damage, financial losses, and legal repercussions.

So, how can retailers safeguard investments in devices, and future-proof their operations from cybersecurity threats? The answer is: By switching to a proactive security approach that combines mobile threat defense (MTD) with robust mobile device management (MDM) capabilities - SureMDM MTD. 

This blog explores how retailers can leverage SureMDM MTD to stay one step ahead of mobile device security threats and optimize operational efficiency with MDM capabilities.

SureMDM: A secure platform for retailers to protect and manage their devices

Today, most IT and retail operations teams face a range of mobile security threats posed by malware and potentially unwanted apps (PUAs). While retailers tend to leverage MDM solutions to streamline operations, most MDM solutions lack dedicated threat protection capabilities, and this is where SureMDM MTD comes in. 

SureMDM is a comprehensive platform that offers device management and proactive device security. By leveraging security features such as real-time threat detection and compliance enforcement, retailers can address security risks before they can cause irreparable damage to data and device security. 

With SureMDM MTD, retailers can protect their devices through the following capabilities:

  • Advanced threat detection:

    SureMDM MTD offers quick and full application scanning options that identify a wide range of threats, including malware and PUAs.
  • MTD dashboard:

    SureMDM MTD Dashboard displays information related to device risk distribution, threat distribution by the operating system, active threats, etc.
  • Automated compliance enforcement:

    SureMDM MTD allows IT admins to ensure devices comply with their organization’s security standards by defining policies.
  • Protection against phishing attacks:

    With SureMDM MTD, IT admins can protect their iOS devices from phishing attacks by blocking malicious URLs.

How to Get Started with SureMDM MTD

  1. Install the SureDefense app:

    Install the SureDefense app from the Google Play Store or App Store.
  2. Grant permissions:

    Allow the app necessary permissions.
  3. Initiate scans:

    Schedule automated scans or enable on-demand scans for employees.
  4. Monitor device health:

    Track the security status of devices through the SureMDM console.
  5. Review scan reports:

    Generate detailed reports to gain insights into potential threats identified on devices. 

Get the best of mobile device management and mobile device security with SureMDM

By leveraging SureMDM, retailers can manage and secure their devices through a single console. This comprehensive solution empowers retailers to manage their devices efficiently, protect sensitive data, ensure regulatory compliance, and safeguard their retail operations from cyber threats.

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