IoT - Internet of Things

About Internet of Things

The term Internet of Things or IoT refers to a seamless inter-connectivity between everyday objects such as thermostat, set-top box, remote control that can be programmed and controlled. However, with the proliferation of good Internet connectivity, the concept has been redefined and is getting a lot of attention and is being hailed as the next big thing in mobile technology. The biggest example of the significance of IoT is the outbreak of wearable devices.

Possible challenges with IoT

Security and Management of connected devices is one of the challenges of IoT. How do you protect your smart vehicle from being taken over by a hacker or how do you guard your smart thermostat from being regulated by a mischief-maker?  How do you push updates onto thousands of smartwatches? The potential of IoT is limitless, as much as the threats if such devices are left unmanaged and unsecure.

IoT and 42Gears

42Gears delivers multi-platform and multi-channel mobility management solutions that help companies deploy, configure, manage and secure enterprise mobile devices. SureMDM is one such product which provides the seamless Mobile Device Management solution.

For example, Home Security is shaping the future of keeping our homes safe in an extraordinary way. Home Security solution providers use tablets as an interface for users to operate their security systems remotely. 42Gears products used on these tablets connected to the home security device such as sensors and cameras, collect data and offer a way to regulate and control the settings. Similarly, phones with touch interface in guest rooms of hotels also use SureMDM for multi-channel management.

42Gears is also working with printer manufacturers to manage, control and configure printers connected to the network. 42Gears will continue to follow the development in the space of IoT and provide state-of-the-art management solution for all devices, whether you hold them, wear them, or drive them.

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