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42Gears TMT Framework-How It Works

With the host device and cloud connector approaches, 42Gears Things Management Technology (TMT)  framework adds an extra layer of security to all connected peripherals. The TMT framework is designed to be more secure with added authentication.

Host Device Approach

A "Things Connector" is a software module that logically connects a 'Thing' or an 'IoT endpoint' with the IoT Gateway. Things Connector can be developed by the vendor of the Thing device or by any developer who has the technical knowledge to communicate with the Thing device over the common transport mechanism such as MQTT, USB, BT, WiFi etc.


Cloud Connector Approach

A "Cloud connector" is a Things connector hosted in a cloud environment. It connects all Things devices or IoT endpoints with the IoT Gateway. This connector will only interact with IoT Gateway and Things devices.


Enrolled 'Things' are visible on the SureMDM Web Console as shown in the image below. These are just like any other endpoint enabling IT admins to effectively manage them.