IRIS IoT Device Management Made Easy


With expertise in providing a customer-centric solution, IRIS IoT provides IoT solutions to multiple industries and sectors. IRIS IoT focuses on providing solutions that help in improving performance and productivity.

Here’s the list of features SureMDM offers to help manage IRIS IoT devices.



Device Monitoring

  • Device details: device model, operating system version, agent version, last time the device was online, and device location
  • Battery level: battery health and consumption of device battery power

Things Management

  • Things details: parent device details (type, IMEI & ICCID), connector name and version, online status (connected/not connected), signal quality, device location, speed, temperature, humidity, light (Lux/Status), motion status, battery, and accelerometer

Network Monitoring

  • Network details: configuration of MAC & IP addresses, Wi-Fi connection, and serial number


  • Enable time fence: Create periodical boundaries for mobile devices to behave or function a certain way
  • Enable network fence: Restrict devices to connect to only approved networks
  • Geo fence: Create a virtual boundary and enable security policies whenever devices enter within the boundary

Compliance Monitoring

  • Enable organization-wide protocols and security procedures on all business devices
  • Enable identity management policies, access limitations, and password regulation policies. Monitor devices that are out-of-compliance and block unsecured devices

Get Analytics and Insights

  • Customization
    • Custom columns: Add specific device details to get the desired reports
    • Custom data analytics: Get granular data from analytics dashboard
    • Third-party app: Include data from third-party apps for holistic app information
  • Analytics- Generate reports based on app usage, battery health and device details
  • Generate on-demand and scheduled reports
  • Available for multiple operating systems

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