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Home Security


42Gears Helps Home Security Companies Secure Your Home with the Latest in Mobile Technology


Mobile devices have become some of the best tools available for protecting your home. Security systems now interface with Android, iOS, and other major platforms. These security systems can turn your home into a smart home. Our device management platform lets you remotely monitor home security devices running on different platforms. We help you remain connected and informed through alerts on your phone in case of an emergency or security breach.

Enormous Prospects for Home Security Companies to Have Lockdown Features On Their Wireless Devices

Home security systems deploy an array of devices for monitoring and data capturing. These devices in turn need to be monitored to determine if they ever need repairs. They also need to be connected to a central database where they can relay the data they capture. For these reasons, providers of security solutions need to give their users a way to remotely control various devices, as well as a way to view the output in a central dashboard.

Many security solution providers have started giving a dedicated device to their clients. These devices function as safe single-purpose devices with the aid of SureLock by 42Gears. In turn, the single-purpose devices can be managed remotely using SureMDM by 42Gears.

Top home security providers rely on 42Gears


42Gears provides reliable solutions for securing and managing devices deployed in home security.

Device Security

Use our products to prevent misuse of devices deployed as part of a home security solution. We allow you to password-protect device settings so that only authorized users have access to each device, giving users peace of mind. The device can be set to be used for home security applications and nothing else. This will help you protect your home security devices from malware, giving them longer life and better performance.

Diagnostics and Reporting

We help you ensure that your devices are always fit for use. Monitor device health, and get alerts and notifications if your home-security devices are consuming a large amount of data. The designers of home-security solutions can gain the insights they need to improve their systems’ designs  by collecting data, performing diagnostics, and generating reports through SureMDM. Our products can also be easily upgraded whenever an upgrade is available.

Device Deployment and Management

42Gears provides easy mass-configuration and deployment options so that you can set up your devices in no time. After deployment, managing these devices is simple and easy with a centralized web console, from which you can monitor all devices in real-time. You will also get to see live video feeds with strategically-placed cameras connected to the central console, so you can check on your home and pets from anywhere in the world. Wiping data, pushing software and taking control of device can all be done remotely, saving your precious time.

Support and Maintenance

We help you maintain and support as many dedicated devices as your security solution needs with complete ease. With our product you can remotely take control of a device and provide real time technical support without physically having to attend to it. We let you group your devices and schedule maintenance activities.

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