Enterprise Mobility Management Solution for SMBs

  • Manage Tablets, Smartphones and Rugged devices
  • Remotely Install Applications and Transfer Files
  • Remote Screen Capture
  • Real-time Location Tracking
  • Remote Lock and Wipe
    and more...
Enterprise Mobility Management

SureMDM Features

Device Security

  • Remote Locking
  • Remote Data Wipe
  • Enforce corporate password policies
  • Detect rooted devices

Software Distribution

  • Push applications and software patches
  • View installed applications
  • Remotely uninstall unwanted applications

Location Tracking

  • Real-time location tracking on map
  • Location History
  • Uses GPS and Network-based Location
  • Export location data

Device Health Monitoring

  • Battery status
  • Memory and Storage status
  • Network signal strength


  • Send messages to mobile users
  • Broadcast messages
  • Two-way messaging
  • Get read and delete notifications
  • Works on WiFi and Cellular networks

Remote Helpdesk

  • Remote Control
  • View Remote Screen
  • Remote File Explorer
  • Remote Registry Editor
  • Copy files to and from remote devices

Device Lockdown

  • Block installation of third-party apps
  • Password protect Unauthorized apps

Device Grouping

  • Hierarchical Grouping of devices
  • Manage devices from multiple customers
  • Groups devices based on geography, departments etc

Branding Support

  • Brand the solution as your own
  • Use your company logo and theme

Case Studies

PickMe implements secure and smart deployment of mobile devices for their taxi hailing service

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Noovle enhances remote tracking and supervision of tablets used by sales agents

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is SureMDM available on the Cloud or On-premise?

A: Both Cloud and On-premise options are available. The cloud option is easy to get started, we do all the work for you. Here are the details. Register for SureMDM Online account here. For setting up the on-premise version, please contact us here.

Q: How can I purchase SureMDM?

A: You can purchase SureMDM cloud subscription or on-premise licenses from here.

Q: What platforms does SureMDM support?

A: Currently SureMDM supports Android, iOS, Windows, and legacy systems based on Windows Mobile and Windows CE.

Q: Can I have multiple administrator users for my company account?

A: Yes, you can create multiple administrators for your company account with role based privileges.

Q: Can I generate reports?

A: Yes, you can generate reports and export them in Excel, PDF, or Word formats.

Q: Can I perform bulk device/user enrollment?

A: Yes, bulk enrollment is available for Android and Windows.