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Taxibokning uses SureLock to expand client reach with Lobby Module

Oct 07, 2015 | 42Gears Team

Taxibokning is a taxi booking service available throughout Sweden. It provides unbiased taxi booking service and works with well-established taxi operators. Its service is designed mainly for enterprises who want countrywide coverage, however private individuals can also use it to book a taxi.

Through its service, Taxibokning allow customers to choose a particular taxi company as per their preference and availability. Customer’s choice of taxi and reservation request is directly notified to the taxi company. The primary goal is to provide the best service with flexible functionality and ease of use.

To simplify its service, Taxibokning decided to come up with a Lobby Module. This entailed deploying the mobile app on a tablet and placing them in lobbies where potential customers could use it for booking a taxi. The challenge involved was leaving a tablet at a public place for use by multiple users. An unattended mobile device is susceptible to misuse and tampering that normally leads to malware attacks and reduced life span of the device. Taxibokning wanted to ensure device security without spending additional resources in maintenance.

Taxibokning tried out many kiosk applications that offered basic functionalities, but majority of kiosk applications did not provide comprehensive lockdown features like SureLock. Most of them also lacked key features which only SureLock offered.

SureLock solved the problem Taxibokning was facing as it covered all the features it needed and with the number of deployed tablets. It was cheaper for Taxibokning to use SureLock than to develop all the features by its own. With kiosks for taxi booking, Taxibokning was able to place its solution right where the business is.

Click here to read the case study.


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