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How the taxi industry is benefiting from mobile technology

  There was a time when taxi services providers and operators around the world were dependants on radio calls to pick up passengers, but the scenario changed with the introduction of tablets and smartphones. These touch-enabled smart devices have become universal and have transformed the way business is carried out. The rising trend of using…

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Taxibokning uses SureLock to expand client reach with Lobby Module

Taxibokning is a taxi booking service available throughout Sweden. It provides unbiased taxi booking service and works with well-established taxi operators. Its service is designed mainly for enterprises who want countrywide coverage, however private individuals can also use it to book a taxi. Through its service, Taxibokning allow customers to choose a particular taxi company as per…

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Taxi Services: Easy and Efficient with Smartphones and Tablets

With the advent of smart devices and their becoming powerful and affordable, businesses have found their uses in newer areas. These smart devices have revolutionized the way business is done today. Touch screen devices have become ubiquitous. The increase in the trend of using these devices have vastly improved the services offered, shortened the business…

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