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Customer-centricity is at the Heart of Everything We Do

Apr 20, 2022 | 42Gears Team

Supporting the Assignment of Custom Properties to a Device Group

Just developing high-quality products and offerings at a reasonable price isn’t enough in the current competitive business landscape. Today’s customers expect more than a high ROI, they want a better experience, value-added services, and long-term relationships. 

42Gears is known for its customer-centricity. We strongly believe in providing more value to our customers at all times. To remain relevant to users’ needs and survive the stiff competition, our diligent team spends an inordinate amount of time improving our flagship products by adding new features and functionalities. One of the latest features added recently to the SureMDM console is Custom Properties. A robust feature that would allow users to define anything and everything as property and display it on the device.

By analyzing our customer requirements thoroughly, we created Custom Properties at a global account level. The feature can be used to assign values to Custom Properties at a group/sub-group/device level and send them to the device agent. The feature also allows users to apply jobs or take action based on compliance status. 

The custom properties and their corresponding values will be displayed in the device grid and device information panel, which will allow admins to filter devices based on these Custom Properties and edit the values if required. 

Further, users can leverage custom properties as wildcards to configure and set generic values such as location, phone number, name, etc., on multiple devices from the SureMDM console. For instance, customers can configure wallpapers on SureFox using the URL wildcard on multiple devices using custom properties. 

Another interesting aspect of Custom Properties is that it allows admins to share Custom Property data with other 42Gears apps or approved third-party apps via an Intent API. With the help of approved applications, customers can use their existing applications and not just get restricted to 42Gears applications.

Apart from this, we have created a Causal Job option, which allows users to run multiple jobs/profiles at once on devices. If there are any changes in the custom property value, the causal job gets re-applied by itself on the device and the values are updated.

All-in-all, SureMDM will now support the assignment of custom properties to a device group.

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