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Whitepaper – Digital Signage Using Tablets

May 09, 2013 | 42Gears Team

There are numerous reasons why market researchers are focusing on the trend of using Digital Signage as an effective Marketing and Branding tool. With every new report on Digital Signage, the fact gets stronger that Digital Signage is here to stay.

One important factor that they consider the reason behind growth in usage of Digital Signage is the growth in small businesses. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, small businesses employs nearly 60 percent of the private workforce and generates 39 percent of the U.S. gross domestic product and is in constant move towards growth*. With the increase in the number of small businesses, their constant lookout for solutions to make them visible in local market is leading them to Digital Signage. Digital Signage combined with effective display and interactive applications would not only help them with effective branding but also in engagement of existing customers through better customer experience.

Secondly, the increase in usage of Digital Signage across different sectors.  Now, they are not limited only to as a static display medium or an informational kiosks but they have become more responsive and interactive. Different forms of Digital Signage are being used in offices for corporate communications, in schools for educational activities, in manufacturing units, banks and even in government offices.  According to a news release, On Campus Media, a Digital-out-of-home media provider reaches more than 4 million students through 1,000-plus digital screens at more than 400 campus bookstores**.

Thirdly, recent research also indicates a trend of steady fall in cost related to Digital Signage. There is a decrease in installation cost  for Digital Signage of 56% from 2004 till 2010*** and not to forget that the related solutions are also becoming more affordable and multi-functional.

Also, there is a huge increase in use of  mobile devices like tablets for business related activities which have made them very versatile  in use. Andriod, iOS and Windows Tablets now with right lockdown solution can be used as Digital Signage. Thus making Digital Signage much easy to adopt and very cost effective.

For more, read our White Paper on Digital Signage

* –, Digital signage will make 2013 the year for small business growth, Dec 2012
**-, On Campus Media, Campus Special partner to target university demographic, April 2013
** *-,Digital, Signage Pricing Report, 2011


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