Troubleshooting SureLock/SureFox for Android

Applies to: SureLock, SureFox

To speed up the process of troubleshooting these problems, we have integrated diagnostics into our products. There are 3 files generated:

  1. SureLock Log file
    The SureLock log file is found in the root folder of device storage by the name of SureLock(version_num)_LOG.txt where version_num is the SureLock version you are using. This file contains internal SureLock information helpful in troubleshooting your issue.
  2. SureLock Diagnostic file
    The diagnostic file is found in the root folder of device storage by the name of surelock.diagnostics_log.txt and contains information about the applications (or websites in case of SureFox) which are getting blocked. This can be helpful in finding out the blacklisted application which might be preventing your allowed app to run successfully.
  3. SureLock Settings file
    The settings file exported from SureLock/SureFox contains your application configuration. The settings  file allow us to determine which possible feature might help in solving the issue(s). Refer to this link to know how to export the settings file: link

We request you to send these files together with the issue details to help us in serving you better. In case of any query related to our products, feel free to contact us.

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  1. Michael M-O on March 11, 2015 at 8:12 pm

    ADP is updating their website so SureFox is no longer a supported browser, changing the user agent also doesn’t help as none of the versions are high enough. The URL is, the credentials cannot be shared as there are no test/development ones only live ones. As for the native browser or chrome, chrome does work but as I cannot lock down chrome like SureFox not sure how that helps and the native does not.

    • bishal on March 11, 2015 at 9:36 pm

      Hi Michael,

      We would request you to get in touch with our technical support team for your concern. You can either call them on +1 424 284 2574, mail them at or use our live chat option from 42Gears Contact page.

      Thank you,
      42Gears Team

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