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SureLock Kiosk Lockdown for Windows 8  Tablets and PCs

Apr 08, 2013 | 42Gears Team

Companies that have increased dependability on mobile devices to carry out their daily operations and those having mobile field workforces are constantly concerned about the unguided use of mobile devices by their workers and unrestricted access to thousands of apps (games, music, video, internet) available online for download. They are constantly in search of a solution that will help them increase the productivity and efficiency of their mobile workers. 

Microsoft Windows, with its huge customer base and dominance at the enterprise level, has always had the edge in being preferred among others for desktop operations. And with Windows 8 being made available on mobile devices and tablets, companies have the option to run Windows compatible legacy applications on mobile devices as well. This implies that their mobile workforce can now perform the same desktop activities on a handheld device.

Are Windows 8 tablets an appropriate option for use by mobile workforces?

Windows 8 is touch-enabled, faster to boot, and has huge security improvements compared to the previous operating system-versions. Windows 8 tablets with the functioning compatibility of MS Office tools are as powerful as laptops, which makes them suitable for use by the mobile enterprise workforce. 

With all the great features, Windows 8 tablets seem to be a good choice; however, with such a dynamic desktop and applications-loaded Start Screen, the proper usage of devices and their handling become a major concern. Especially with the introduction of the Home or Windows button on Windows 8 tablets, it is easy to access the Start Screen even with a device lockdown application installed.

SureLock: The Ultimate Lockdown Solution for Windows 8 Tablets and PCs

SureLock for Windows 8 is a lockdown solution for Windows 8 devices. SureLock is also a ready-to-use kiosk application that transforms your Windows 8 devices into kiosks. Kiosk lockdown allows organizations to ensure uninterrupted displays on interactive kiosks without having to perform constant checking and maintenance. 

With SureLock’s simple setup and customizable features, your mobile field workforce will now have access to only those applications that they need to work.

windows 8_features

Disable the Home button using SureLock

SureLock has been and continues to be the ultimate lockdown solution for our Android and iOS customers, and it can be used on Windows 8 tablets as well. SureLock’s features, such as allowing only pre-approved applications to run on the device, password protecting lockdown settings, the option to launch apps in kiosk mode, disabling device notifications, and an array of customization options, make it very appropriate for Windows 8 tablets.

With customized lockdown of your devices’ features, you can relax knowing that your mobile workforce has access to only a set of pre-approved applications required for their daily business activities. SureLock also ensures that there are no options or loops for any kind of workaround to escape the lockdown. This may also include using the Home button to access the Start screen. Disabling this central, lone external button on Windows 8 tablets, which gives direct access to the Start screen, is crucial for an effective lockdown. SureLock effectively disables the functioning of the Home button, blocking all access to the Start screen, and supports automatic start on device reboot; hence, the settings are maintained even after the device goes through a cold or warm reboot.

We have more to share, so keep an eye on this space. And now that Windows 10 has taken over Windows 8, visit this link for more details.

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