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How to Choose between On-Premise and Cloud-Based Unified Endpoint Management Solutions

Businesses often struggle to secure every endpoint (and the data on those endpoints) without spending huge sums on IT infrastructure. As the number and kinds of business devices available increase exponentially, it becomes more difficult- and more crucial- to commit to security without exceeding your company’s budget.  Many thousands of businesses have found that using…

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Helpful Tips for Setting Up SureMDM On-Premise

Applies to: Product SureMDM On-Premise Platform Android/Windows If you are trying to install SureMDM on Windows 2012 Server and installation is failing after clicking on SureMDM.msi. Follow below mentioned steps: 1. Launch Server Manager 2. On Server Manager Dashboard, click on Add roles and features 3. On Add Roles and Features Wizard, select Server Selection…

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How to get started with SureMDM On-Premise?

Applies to: Product SureMDM On-Premise Platform Android/Windows For the minimum system requirements to set up a SureMDM On-Premise server contact our technical support – or use the live chat option. Note:  1. SureMDM and database can be installed on the same server machine depending on the availability and requirements. 2. Database size will grow…

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