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4 common mobile device security threats enterprises face and ways to prevent them

42Gears Team Follow @42gears Growing mobility is changing the way Enterprise Information Technology departments work. Employees who are on the move have been quick to embrace mobile devices as productivity enhancing tools. These mobile devices are slowly replacing laptops and desktop computers and are being used by employees for all possible purposes that include getting…

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SureLock allow Bandim Health Project workers become more efficient by securing Android field tablets

42Gears Team Bandim Health Project is a health and demographic surveillance site in Guinea-Bissau and is formally placed under the National Institute of Public Health. BHP follows a population of more than 200,000 individuals in urban and rural Guinea-Bissau. This provides a unique platform for conducting health research. Health workers and research associates associated and…

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How to know Android Applications Permissions

42Gears TeamAndroid OS runs applications in separate sandboxes which means an application cannot directly access data or other resources belonging to another application. Rarely an application can do everything on its own. They usually need resources belonging to other applications installed on the system. Android provides additional capabilities to applications by means of “Permissions”. An…

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Single Most Effective Tip to Protect Smartphones

42Gears TeamMobile phones getting lost or stolen is a common occurrence. Almost 37% smartphone users have had this experience in the past. Loss of phone also means loss of privacy or critical business data which could cost more than the phone itself. People will continue to lose phones but fortunately there is a secret to…

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New security feature for android device management using SureMDM

42Gears TeamSureMDM adds another compelling security feature for android device management. IT administrators can now restrict users to access only approved applications.All other applications and system settings are password protected. This feature also blocks the user from installing any third-party applications. Using this feature is very simple. Installed application list of a device now also…

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Android and password policy enforcement using SureMDM

42Gears TeamEnterprise use of Android devices is on the rise these days. Much of it is due to the availability of new security features (Android 2.2+) such as the ability to enforce password policies across Android devices and to remotely wipe any Android devices that are lost or compromised. Suppose all employees in your organization…

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Mobile device security threats you should know about

42Gears TeamFor most purposes smartphones today are almost as powerful as computers. There are now more phones in the world than the number of computers. Phones are being used by people to check emails, browse web, make online payments, download games, take pictures, track location and much more. Along with these powerful features we should…

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How to Remote Wipe your Windows Mobile devices?

42Gears TeamDevice security is one of the prime concerns why companies deploy mobile device management solutions such as SureMDM. An important requirement is the capability to remotely wipe the critical business data (hopefully all data) residing on the device incase of loss or theft. Remote Wipe is also known as Remote Kill. 42Gears mobile device…

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Understanding Windows Mobile Application Security Policies

42Gears TeamExecution of programs on Windows Mobile devices depends on the application signatures and their permission levels. Devices can be configured to the following security settings. Security off Unsigned applications are allowed to run without any prompt and they can access privileged APIs, or protected areas of the registry and file system. One-tier prompt The…

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42Gears has done a complete review of SureCop. Here is the link: To learn more about SureCop for Windows Mobile and how it can protect your mobile phone, please visit Share this:

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