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6 Forms of Wearable Technology You Must Know Right Now

Wearables or wearable devices are the latest entrants in the field of electronic devices. These wearable devices take the form of accessories like eyewear or a wrist device while there are others which are integrated into any piece of clothing like T-shirts or caps. Wearables not only perform basic tasks of computing as laptops or…

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5 Ways Mobile Devices are Transforming the Healthcare Industry

Connected mobile devices today are transforming how we work and that is why it is not surprising to see them making an impact on all industries including healthcare. Not only doctors, but other medical staff like lab technicians and nurses are also using mobile devices to improve the overall healthcare service. Simplified mobile healthcare solutions…

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Managing Enterprise Mobile Devices

Enterprises are going mobile these days. Employees use mobile devices to access, generate and manipulate business data while on the move. Enterprises like the gains in productivity as employees can work from virtually anywhere. Businesses are embracing mobility due the fact that mobile devices are becoming increasingly powerful these days; some are almost as powerful…

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