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Voting Experience Made Seamless by Election Administrators with 42Gears SureLock

  Election Administrators (EA) LLC is the leader in Mobile Election Technology. Based in St. Louis, Missouri, EA currently services over 180 counties within 14 states across the US. EA aims to provide simple, user-friendly, easy to train, cost-effective software that government employees can use and trust. EA are the pioneers when it comes to using technology…

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How to setup automatic scheduled reboot of Android devices with SureLock?

Applies to: Product SureLock Platform Android When your Android device is in lockdown mode with access to only allowed applications and no access to device settings, it is quite possible that after certain period of time with extensive usage, the device may show signs of not operating upto its potential level. Device could become slow,…

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Automatic approval of new enrolled devices in MDM Console using SureMDM

Applies to: Product                SureMDM Platform        Android/Windows If you are enrolling and approving multiple devices in your MDM, the process of manually approving each of those devices can be time consuming. SureMDMmakes it easy by allowing importing of a list with pre-approved devices details. Once this…

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Managing Enterprise Mobile Devices

Enterprises are going mobile these days. Employees use mobile devices to access, generate and manipulate business data while on the move. Enterprises like the gains in productivity as employees can work from virtually anywhere. Businesses are embracing mobility due the fact that mobile devices are becoming increasingly powerful these days; some are almost as powerful…

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