Voting Experience Made Seamless by Election Administrators with 42Gears SureLock

Apr 06, 2015 | 42Gears Team


Election Administrators (EA) LLC is the leader in Mobile Election Technology. Based in St. Louis, Missouri, EA currently services over 180 counties within 14 states across the US. EA aims to provide simple, user-friendly, easy to train, cost-effective software that government employees can use and trust.

EA are the pioneers when it comes to using technology for an easy and reliable voting process. They came up with an Android powered tablet that turns paper voter list to electronic copies. The challenge they faced was to make sure that the participants were focused only on the polling application. The data involved during the polling process are sensitive and EA needed a solution that would secure the tablets and data. They decided to choose SureLock after a lot of deliberation as it provides advanced lockdown of Android devices making it impossible for users to access applications which are not allowed by the administrator.

EA is now equipped to secure tablets with SureLock in very quick and efficient manner. Number of devices and distance are no longer a challenge. With SureLock, EA has been able to take the solution to its various customers and has made the polling process seamless and efficient.

For more details, refer to the case study:


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