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Android equivalent of iOS Guided Access Mode

  iOS Guided Access Mode Guided Access Mode was introduced in iOS 6.0 and is used to help device user stay focused on one application while using an iOS device. This feature limits the iOS devices to run just a single application. Guided Access can be used to achieve the following -. Restrict iOS device…

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Why Android Lollipop Screen Pinning Fails for Enterprises and Schools

Mobile devices with operating systems like Android and iOS have evolved from personal communication devices to essential business tools. The operating systems are constantly evolving and adapting to demanding environments in businesses and educational institutions to provide optimized functionalities and enhanced security. In order to cater to the persistent need of securing an iOS device from misuse, Apple launched Guided…

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How to turn your iPad into a Kiosk using Guided Access and SureFox for iOS

Applies to: Product SureFox Platform iOS SureFox for iOS provides restricted browsing functionality. But it won’t be good if the users can press the Home button and easily quit SureFox. To restrict the iOS device to just SureFox we must configure the Guided Access. This allows you to set a passcode to lock the Home…

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