How to turn your iPad into a Kiosk using Guided Access and SureFox for iOS

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SureFox for iOS provides restricted browsing functionality. But it won’t be good if the users can press the Home button and easily quit SureFox. To restrict the iOS device to just SureFox we must configure the Guided Access.

Here is how you enable Guided Access with SureFox:

1. Tap to Settings on Home Screen


2. Under Settings, tap on General and then Accessibility


3. Under Accessibility, tap on Guided Access


4. On Guided Access screen, enable the Guided Access


5. Next, tap on Set Password to set create Guided Access Password


6. Create a new password


7. Now return back to Home Screen and launch SureFox

8. Once SureFox is launched, press the Home button three times to launch Guided Access

9. On Guided Access screen, specify following options:

                 Hardware Button – Enable/Disable Sleep/Wake Button and Volume Button of the device

                 Touch – Enable/Disable Touch

                 Motion – Enable/Disable Touch

10. Once, done specifying the details, tap on Start on top- right of the screen

11. Your Guided Access is ON with SureFox and ready for use

If you want to get out of the Guided Access Mode or you want to make changes in the settings, press the Home button three times to launch the password prompt. Enter the password to access Guided Access screen.

To learn more about SureFox for iOS, click here.


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