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How to play Flash files in kiosk mode in Android?

Applies to: Product SureVideo Platform Android SureVideo turns your Android device in video playing kiosk which plays only those media files which you want to play.  These media files can be videos, images or flash files. SureVideo can play videos and image files out of box without requiring any additional software. However, to play flash…

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Playing Flash Content in SureFox

Applies to: Product SureFox Platform Android If you have allowed websites in SureFox which have embedded flash videos, sometimes while trying to play the flash videos, you may get an error message – Install Plugin. This error is due to the absence of  Flash Player Plugin in the device. We would recommend you to download and install a reliable…

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How to embed Flash objects in html webpages

Plain html web pages is no big deal but to make a webpage feature-rich, you might want to use HTML5, the new standard of web pages or you can embed Flash objects to implement high quality multimedia content in your web pages. SureFox supports rendering of HTML5 as well as Flash content. There are many…

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