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How to play videos at start-up on an Android device?

42Gears TeamWhether it is a Trade Show Booth or a Information Kiosks at a mall, videos does say a lot than standard static slides running on the display. SureVideo can help you achieve this with its simple setup and functionality. Download and Install SureVideo on your Android tablet or Android Stick like any other Android Applications and…

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Play videos as screensaver on Android Tablets and Devices

42Gears TeamSureVideo transforms your handheld Android device into a video playing kiosk. Its features to support all Standard and High-Definition video formats and automatic video looping makes it an ultimate solution for full-screen video playback for product displays, demos or business communications. Now with SureVideo‘s new feature, you can enable video as a screensaver for your device…

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Kiosk Mode on Android with SureLock

42Gears TeamSureLock locks down Android based tablets and smartphones to prevent unwanted device misuse. You can control which applications and device features can be used by the end-user. For e.g. you can block access to games such as Angry Bird, social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter or browsers etc. In most cases you may…

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