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SureLock enables corporate owned business only (COBO) devices on Windows 10 platform

Dec 14, 2015 | 42Gears Team


Windows 10 launched with much fanfare and with free upgrades for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 users. The platform boasts of features focused for businesses and enterprises. Apart from the obvious return of the much-criticized missing Start Menu in Windows 8 and elimination of Charms Bar, Windows 10 brings in Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant, Continuum feature that seamlessly adapts Windows 10 interface for different devices be it mobile or a desktop. It also brings in enterprise-ready features like containerization which adds security to corporate data and profiles on BYOD or company-owned handheld Windows devices.

When it comes to Windows devices for enterprise or business use, 42Gears has always been a leader, whether it is Windows embedded system or Windows OS.

SureLock, one of the signature applications known for its robust lockdown capabilities has optimized Windows devices for field or mobile workforce for numerous organisations and now, extends its support to Windows 10 as well.

SureLock can be used with Windows 7, 8 and now windows 10 devices for the following enterprise-ready features:

  •  Locking down Windows devices in kiosk mode
  •  Restricting the users of devices to only allowed applications
  •  Blocked access to device settings and configuration data
  •  Disabled hardware buttons including Windows button
  •  Locked Safe Mode
  •  Keyboard Filtration

SureLock also comes with other customization features that allow enterprises to extend their personalisation and branding to the Windows devices. There are numerous additional features which have been designed to meet complex enterprise needs that come in handy during deployment, adoption or maintenance stage like mass configuration of devices using cloud.

Windows 10 offers exciting new features to users and enterprises alike. 42Gears Surelock continues its support of windows platform leveraging new strengths extended by Windows 10.

To read more about SureLock for Windows, click here.

For any technical queries or information, click here.


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