SureFox + HTML5 = Deliver Awesome Web Applications to your Mobile Workforce

Get the best of both worlds with complete browser lockdown and comprehensive HTML5 feature set with the new SureFox. Whether it’s a basic kiosk implementation or an enterprise with specific business needs, SureFox has something for you. Checkout the rich collection of features, technologies, and APIs of HTML5 supported by SureFox:


OFFLINE: localStorage, Web SQL Database Storage, online/offline events, Application Cache

Boost the performance of your application by storing data in the cache or use it for data persistency and user sessions and when reloading and restoring pages.

STORAGE: Web Storage-sessionStorage, Web Storage-localStorage, Web SQL Database Storage, Web SQL Database – rollback, Storage events

Save data on the device instead of uploading it to server each and every time. Data can also be sync’d back to the server, or it can always stay on the device: that’s up to you, the developer.

COMMUNICATION: postMessage(same domain), postMessage(across domain)

Communicate confidential data between frames on same window or different windows by using postMessage API and integrate 3rd party content with more trust

CONNECTIVITY: online/offline events, offline detection, navigator.onLine (Using polls instead of events), offline application using manifest

Handle mobile connections with more control over the connection status hence providing more performance, better user experience.

MULTIMEDIA: video element, audio element

Audio and Video make Web ultra rich with HTML5. The real power of these new HTML elements stands out when they are combined with the other technologies of the web stack.

LOCATION: GeoLocation

Serve your end-users with location-specific content or just gather user statistics to improve your application by implementing GeoLocation & tracking using GPS, Cellular or WiFi network

GRAPHICS: Canvas, 2D Canvas, text element, CSS3 and Interactive Canvas Gradient

Produce animations or visual effects for your web apps & pages with the addition of technologies like the canvas elements, smooth CSS3 transitions and transformations which deal with graphics on the web.

Other available HTML5 features include , contenteditable attribute, dataset(data-* attributes)

Author: Panshul Srivastava
42Gears Mobility Systems

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